Nimble SmartCloud is the simple and secure hosted document/image repository solution that can be rapidly and cost-effectively customized to your needs.

Critical documents such as contracts, proposals, agreements, technical papers and other content are crucial for success. Yet, many organizations have documents stored all over the place — on desktop computers, network drives, email, USB sticks and in various consumer file sharing sites.

Nimble SmartCloud is designed and engineered to provide our clients with information management solutions that are focused on simplicity, scalability, and security. Whether it be line of business optimization or simply unlocking the knowledge trapped in silo'd or paper based record systems, we have a solution that will fit you.

Secure Cloud Hosting Toronto

Our Features

  • Rapid deployment and easy integration. Simple and easy to use –Nimble is a web based mobile friendly solution that is built using the latest technology to allow for easy integration into existing systems and business workflows. Invoke document management and workflow features from within other applications, and integrate your systems from the very basic to the most elegant.
  • Better availability and reliability. With proven 24/7 uptime, you can ensure your information is always available and secure. Download your data free, at any time, by anyone with permission. What can be more liberating?
  • Disaster recovery. We provide a documented disaster recovery plan that includes redundant failover servers, routers, and switches.
  • Real-time tracking. Our system tracks information throughout the capture/conversion process, ensuring all information is accounted for and imported properly.
  • Ingest any media. Such as paper, electronic, EDI, web, and fax, into digital form.
  • Backend integration. With 128-bit SSL encryption, web services, and Direct Connect communications.
  • Web-based user interface. Allowing for role-based access and a comprehensive view into any workspace.
  • Manage virtually any electronic document file. We image documents in TIFF, JPEG and GIF formats; computer generated print files in "line print", Xerox or IBM AFP formats; as well as PC created Postscript, PDF, Word and Excel Files.
  • Secure communication. Transmission of requested files is 128-bit SSL encryption.
  • No capital investment. Because SaaS is paid on a subscription basis (typically considered an operating expense), you avoid the paperwork and hassle of capital expenditure requests.
  • Free trial. Configure your solution and try it before making any commitment. Once you decide to subscribe, we offer a pay-as-you-go subscription with a small payment.
  • An ideal transition solution. For organizations preparing to implement or to migrate documents to a larger ECM system, this is the perfect transition.
  • Unlimited space at an affordable rate.
  • Extensively tailored. SaaS can be extensively tailored to meet your needs through configuration, not programming. This results in faster time to deployment and the ability to take advantage of SaaS upgrades as they are released. Get the best of both worlds: applications tailored to meet your needs, and the ability to take advantage of new features and enhancements as they become available. Your SaaS application evolves without costly or complex reprogramming as your business changes.
Secure Cloud Hosting Toronto

Your Benefits

  • Get up and running right away. Start seeing the benefits of your new SaaS with our quick and easy software integration.
  • Securely access your information. When you want, where you want, by as many people as you want. What could be more liberating?
  • Save money. With no capital investment and low subscription payments, we even offer a FREE trial to configure and test your solution before making any commitment.
  • Reduce risk. We offer complete electronic file backups and no downtime.
  • Increase communication. Increase speed and security by eliminating the need to transfer documents via fax or email.
  • Improve customer service. Get immediate access to files.
  • Enhanced business agility. We tailor SaaS to meet your unique needs, resulting in faster deployment and the ability to take advantage of SaaS upgrades as they are released. Your application evolves without costly or complex reprogramming as your business changes.
  • A level playing field. With on-demand solutions, the smallest company or financially neglected department now has all the computing power of the biggest company. This brings a significant advantage to those who embrace the SaaS model before their competitors.
  • Extracting meaning. From unstructured content.
  • Control Business-Critical Content Management.
  • Understand context. There are many different types of content that are used to run your business, and understanding context is key to effective operation. Flexible document models allow users to understand the purpose of a file. Is it a contract, an invoice, a report, or a purchase orderFor which customer? For what project? When was it signed?

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